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Getting started

17 Mar

So true to form I created this blog on March 10 and here it is March 17 ( Happy St Patricks Day ) and I haven’t posted anything yet…this is actually my second attempt to write my first post.  I do my best writing while I’m doing the dishes, which as you can imagine poses a  problem.  My wonderful husband though didn’t even bat an eye when I said I wanted to get a digital voice recorder, o.k. I’m fibbing, I actually didn’t know such things existed as digital voice recorders, I told him I wanted one of those little tape recorders.  He loves me, clearly, not only for going out that day to buy me one,  not schooling me on what technology is available,  ( I don’t like to be schooled…  it’s a favorite family pastime ) but absolutely the number one reason my husband clearly loves me… this would be the six hundred billionth time I’ve concocted some new I’m gonna’ do this scheme/idea  ( I probably don’t need to explain that I don’t ever finish, and or start most of them ) and his response was ” don’t even tell me what you’re doing I don’t want to do or say anything to mess it up, just let me know if  you need anything to do it”.  See he loves me!